About Us

HugMortgage displays the various current rates from the different banks for the users to browse, compare and apply. We also take it one step further by ensuring every single application made through HugMortgage, is being reviewed and approved for processing by our Head of Mortgage Advisory Ally (with her 12 years of local mortgage experience) and team.

This ensures our customers get the most ideal packages available at the point in time. (Occasionally, banks can offer preferential rates on short notice. We will make sure we are able to offer this opportunity to our customers by ensuring our rates are as up to date as possible.)

We also have our Dr. HugMortgage Chatbot who can, on a 24/7 basis, instantly respond to queries about house loans and also provide a diverse choice of interest rates available from all participating banks.

While much can be done online these days, we know we have clients who may not be well-versed with online applications or mobile Apps. Therefore, we have a dedicated island-wide mobile team who can help customers with the retrieval of documents or address queries face to face.